Our Services

With extensive experience gained in both the private and public sectors, Farren Workplace Consulting specialises in providing its clients with professional workplace investigation,  dispute mediation and conciliation services, as well as consulting services for the education sector .
We deliver pragmatic and common sense solutions that are impartial, timely, cost effective and defensible.
Based in Brisbane, Farren Workplace Consulting undertakes engagements anywhere in Australia.

Farren Workplace Consulting is pleased to offer its clients the following services:

  • Workplace investigations

  • Mediation and conciliation

  • Consultancy services for the non-government education sector


The investigation of formal grievances and alleged disciplinary breaches (including corrupt conduct) requires specialist skill and experience. Farren Workplace Consulting has the skills and experience to ensure that your investigation is conducted in an impartial, timely, cost effective and defensible manner. Our investigation reports are comprehensive and logical, enabling decision-makers to determine matters with confidence.

Farren Workplace Consulting has been engaged to conduct workplace investigations into a wide variety of matters including alleged:

  • bullying;
  • misconduct;
  • corrupt conduct;
  • sexual harassment;
  • discrimination;
  • victimisation;
  • theft, assault and fraud;
  • verbal and physical abuse;
  • careless, incompetent and inefficient performance of duties;
  • contravening lawful directions;
  • clinical negligence;
  • misuse and misappropriation of public resources;
  • breach of confidentiality;
  • unauthorised access of confidential information;
  • provision of false and misleading information/making of false complaints;
  • deficient and corrupt procurement processes; and
  • deficient recruitment processes.


Wherever practical, it is always preferable for workplace disputes and grievances to be resolved in an informal manner rather than by formal investigation and determination. Farren Workplace Consulting provides professional mediation and conciliation services that assist the parties to a dispute to negotiate an agreed resolution that is consistent with workplace policy.

Each mediation or conciliation processes is customised, having regard to the number and nature of the parties and issues involved. We have developed a distinctive style of mediation focusing on identifying the pattern of conflict that has arisen between the parties and assisting the parties to reshape and redefine their working relationship towards one of cooperation and respect. This contrasts with the traditional "transactional" negotiation style of mediation whereby the parties tend to focus on arguing about disputed facts.



Farren Workplace Consulting offers 15 years' experience in the education sector, particularly in the non-government school sector. With a depth of significant experience in:

  • policy development, implementation and training;
  • parent complaint management and resolution;
  • conducting investigations; and
  • new school accreditation, as well as cyclical reviews,

Farren Workplace Consulting is particularly well placed to assist the non-government school sector with recent changes to the Education (Accreditation of Non-State Schools) Act 2017 and the associated Regulations

Farren Workplace Consulting is pleased to offer non-government schools the following consulting services:

  • parent complaint management, investigation, independent review and resolution;
  • policy review and development, including implementation advice; and
  • training in various school policies such as child protection, discrimination, sexual harassment and privacy.

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